Church & COVID-19

Hey Church, In this unique season of “social distancing” your church may or may not be meeting in a physical place. As a pastor, a pastor’s kid, and a child of the Church here are a few things that you can do in this season to help your church and pastor: Keep connected — Even […]

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Feedback Famine

“It’s a rare person who wants to hear what he doesn’t want to hear.” I’m convinced that most people don’t advance because of their unwillingness to embrace the conversations that challenge or make them uncomfortable. I am also convinced that most people think that they are good at receiving feedback…until they really do. It’s an […]

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When Worry Sleeps With Me

Worry is the unwanted guest who randomly comes to my house.  Worry normally doesn’t knock. It always makes itself comfortable and spends the night…in my bed.  When I share a bed with worry, I seldom sleep.  Here’s the bad thing about when I worry: I justify it. I will always have an excuse to worry, […]

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1 Key To Healthy Choices 

We are the sum total of our choices. We all know someone whose life has been destroyed because of poor choices. An affair.  Drug abuse.  Excessive debt. Poor health from bad eating. The words of Pastor Andy Stanley rang true when he said, “Nobody plans to ruin their lives, just a few plan not to. […]

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Social Media Vs. Me 

I get out of balance quick with social media.  Just me?  I’m guessing not.  Admitting that you’re a high user of social media is like being caught in the McDonalds drive through at midnight.  No one wants to admit they do it but we are all guilty of hitting Ronald McDonald up for a double […]

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1 Simple Reason we Don’t feel God 

We have all said it: “I don’t feel God anymore” Or  “I want to feel his presence again.” I understand the desire to sense God. When we sense Him, we feel encouraged; everything seems right. We feel strengthened and loved.  It’s a good thing.  Often times, because those moments are so powerful and beautiful, we […]

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